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UPDATED:    Database:  2021-03-31.     Membership Roll:  2021-03-31

Welcome to DISBYT database where you may search for relatives and find research friends!

42,4 million records before 1910
The database contains information submitted by members of DIS - Computer Genealogy Society of Sweden.
The DISBYT database contains 42,4 million records of Swedes who lived before 1910. 
Each record can represent one or more individuals and consists of info about name, parish and year for events such as birth, marriage and death. It also includes the name of the submitter.

Access for everyone
As a member of DIS, you can search the Disbyt database using the username and password that you received when joining DIS. You will see info about one person at the time.
As a member of DIS and submitter to Disbyt, you will also be able to see the family views and climb the family trees.
As a guest, you may try out the database by entering username: guest and password: guest to do a limited search. If you want to be a member of the DIS Society and order a Disbyt password you can join DIS online. (Press the link Join Dis to the left.)

Benefits for those of you who have submitted more data
If you have submitted info of at least 200 persons the last year, you will get a browsing function where you can browse between the same person submitted by different researchers. This function works if there is birth records.
If you have submitted info at least 1000 persons the last two years, you will be able to see a ancestor chart in four generations.

Due to extensive use of the Disbyt database, we have decided to limit the number of accesses to the database to 1000 accesses each day for each user. This limitation is made for safety reasons and for fair use reasons.

Source Quality Stars
As good news for the summer research, we have improved the DISBYT database. Quality in research is important. We therefore now will show how good the basis for the information is. You will see stars after the each note, which will mean the following:
-Only year exists
*Date exists
**Source reference exists
***Source reference with volume number exists
****Source reference with volume and page number exists

If there are no stars, the reason could be that the data was submitted a long time ago. We have also had som problems with missing info. If you resubmit your data, it will be correct the next time.

Swedish characters for Windows-users 
While pressing the Alt-key press the following numbers on the numerical keyboard (with Num lock on):

=Alt+143     =Alt+134
=Alt+142     =Alt+132
=Alt+153     =Alt+148

1. Example of search results as a member
As a member of DIS, the search result will look like this (enter guest as user name and password). Press on Individual to see the submitter.

2. Example of search results as a member and submitter!
As a member of DIS, you may submit a Gedcom extract from your family history program. Your information will be added to the database, and you will receive a file with the result of a search of the database for all your submitted records.
As a submitter, search will look like this (enter guest as user name and password). Press on Family to see the family card.You may climb the tree, by pressing the name links.

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