There are many genealogists who have been very helpful in the creation of the DISBYT database. I have also received some special attention because of the Internet project. Most certainly, I have forgotten some that I also ought to thank, so I will begin by saying 'thank you' to all of those whom I may have forgot below.

Thank you to all DIS members who have submitted DISBYT extractions.

Thank you to all DISBYT adminstrators, who have processed the incoming DISBYT extractions.

Thanks to Bo Kleve, Evert Johansson, Kjell Weber, Jan Nilsson, Bernth Lindfors among others who made the DISBYT database available at the DIS BBS's.

Thanks to DIS-Norge (The Norwegian Genealogical Computing Society) who provided me the stimulation to launch this database on the Internet. Special thanks to Vidar Osen, whose CGI-script I have used and adapted, and to Ole-Johan Kippenbroeck, who made a computer available on the Internet for testing purposes and to Alf Christophersen for helpful advise.

Thanks to ABC-klubben for supplying file area and CPU time on the Internet. Special thanks to Henrik GK Andreasson and Bo Kullmar.

Thanks to Ingrid Clenman for checking the translation.

Olof Cronberg

Copyright DIS - Computer Genealogy Society of Sweden