Order username and password for DISBYT

1. If you are NOT a member of DIS - Computer Genealogy Society of Sweden ...

You may still search the complete DISBYT database by entering guest for user name and guest for password. You will then get a limited output to see if there possibly are interesting data, but you will not get name of the submitter.

If you want to become a member and receive a DISBYT password, join DIS Society here.
When you then get a real password to search the DISBYT database, and you will see the name, address and email address of the submitter.

To get best access to the DISBYT database, you should submit a GEDCOM extract from your own genealogy research. Then you will receive a new password, and be able to climb the family trees. For more info follow the link Submit extract.

2. If you already are a member of DIS - Computer Genealogy Society of Sweden ...

Go to this page and enter your membership number. We will send the password to your registered email address.

If this does not work, please contact our office, dis@dis.se.

While you wait, you may try the guest password mentioned above.