Frequently asked questions about DISBYT


Why can't I see the submitter's number?
You have to be a member of
DIS - Computer Genealogy Society of Sweden and you have to order a password. See the link Password.

How do I find out who the submitter is?
Click on the submitter's number (the red link) and you will get name, address and hopefully an e-mail address. If your browser is connected to your e-mail program, you may send a letter at once.

The password doesn't work
1. If you enter an incorrect user name or password, you will get an 'Authorization required' message. User name and password consist of small letters and digits. All characters shall be written without spaces. If you are asked to enter a 'resource', you don't need to fill out that.

2. If you don't have a password and is a member or DIS already, you order it by filling out the form at the Password page. It you are not a member of DIS society you can join DIS online. You will then automatically receive the password.

3. If you submit data to the DISBYT database, you will get back a file with search results. In the end of that file called Annnnn.TXT, ( nnnnn is your membershipnumber) you will find a new user name and password with better access to the DISBYT database, so you may climb the family trees.

I have submitted data to DISBYT, but I don't find my own data.
The database on the Internet is updated approximately once a month.

Why is my address incorrect?
The names and addresses are updated once a month from the DIS membership roll. If your address is incorrect, you should report your new address to DIS. You may use the Password form and please mention that you want to change your address. E-mail addresses and URL's are also welcome.

Why can't I find Kathy  Johnsen?
The most common names are standardized to modern Swedish spelling. Even some American names are changed to the Swedish corresponding names  Although the database is supposedly standardized, there may be some names with alternate spelling. If you are unsure of the spelling you may use wild card characters, ? for a single letter and * for any number of letters.

Why can't I find the surname Seaburg?
Surenames not ending with -sson or -sdotter are not standardized. You must yourself find out the corresponding Swedish name. In this case it´s the same as Sjöberg or Sjöborg.

This page was written by Olof Cronberg

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